Having operated in promotion industry since 1991, TROY is one of the leading companies in the industry that produces, imports and exports in different categories with its wide range of products, high service quality and constantly updated technological equipment.

Troy is growing quickly in different cities and countries to render better services to its domestic and foreign customers.

Troy, the company that gave the industry the term "Branded Corporate Gift" for the first time, included the brands that steer the world of fashion in 2007.

It is still the only official distributor of brands like Cerruti 1881, Ungaro, JLS, Nina Ricci, Cacharel, Picasso and Samsonite on Travel in Turkey.

The company contributes to corporations' brand and product values with specially designed collections of these brands that steer the world of fashion. In parallel with different needs of the industries the company gives a two-year warranty for the Sales of Corporate Gift of many famous brands with high standard of quality.

The collection is renewed according to the trend of the season and exhibited in our showrooms every year.

Today it is aimed to increase environmental awareness and sensitivity with recyclable products produced by recycling the wastes rather than constantly consuming the new resources across the world.

To this end Troy maintains its corporate promotional products as WWF-Turkey licensor within the scope of social responsibility.

Our goal is to mitigate the harm we have on the Earth through environmentally friendly products and increase social environmental awareness through WWF Product collection.

Troy operates in Medical promotional activities by preparing promotional materials in accordance with the dynamics of pharmaceutical industry and principles of pharmaceutical promotion without compromising on quality.

Other than the No name product alternatives, the company also proves its difference in this industry by producing organ models, medical 3D relief boards, pharmaceutical concept works and specially designed products for the companies related to pharmaceutical indications in cooperation with companies Pharma Design, POP 3D and Kenki for medical companies.

Troy have established successful solution partnerships within Corporate and Medical Promotion industries in Turkey and succeeded in being the only supplier of many corporations and leading institutions of the industry.